About The Best Cleaners & Laundry and Reviews

Have been your go-to dry cleaning provider for over 100 years, so we must be the BEST!  When it comes to knowledge and service we have what it takes to really get you looking your BEST.  Of course, don't take our word for it, check us out at any of our 5 locations. We love to work with the BEST customers in town!kk



W B.

Very good customer service.  Better than expected job.  Had both dry cleaning and standard wash and fold.  Will definitely use again.


Jana R.

Do not recommend. From out of town on assignment. Convenient to my hotel. I paid .50 for 11 lbs of wash and fold. 12 scrub sets, undies and socks. The scrubs were not turned right side out (to where label is inside), for easy throw and go to work. I had to pick up each item and turn it right side out before putting in drawer. ... so I folded my own clothes. Two kinds of black socks which were mis- paired. I'm still putting on socks that don't match and then have to take one off and search for mate.  Got a bonus pair of socks from someone else too. Speedy service -all done in one day.


Glynda J.

I arrived at 8:34 am March 27th. The employee was sitting down talking on her cell phone. I gathered my items and proceeded to the door. By that time, the employee had moved to a back area but could see me. The door was locked. The employee looked my way yet continued talking. I pushed the door again with the same results. Needless to say Curry Cleaners now has my items. Poor customer service causes businesses to lose customers. I'm sure that phone call was not as important as the customer at the door. When I completed my business at Curry, I passed Best Cleaners and the employee was back in the chair on the phone.


Max P.

Did not return my pair of pants with the other items. I called and the girl said to call her back in 20 minutes after she looks for them. No apology.

Handle all types of business attire from shirts to uniforms and much more!


Handle so much more than clothing!

Wedding Gowns


In fact, other dry cleaners outsource their tablecloths, sheets, bedding and more to US!

We love helping the public, our friends in the hospitality business, and wholesale clients with the best service in Savannah!


 The Best Cleaners began in 1910 when the Best family of Savannah opened The Best Laundry Company.


The Best family was committed to providing high quality service and superior customer care, quickly making The Best Laundry Savannah's top choice.  Over time, as home washing machines became common and dry clean technology evolved, The Best Laundry became The Best Cleaners, with a focus on dry cleaning.  But our commitment to top quality and service has never abated, giving The Best Cleaners the distinction of being Georgia's oldest continuously operating cleaning company.


Today, still locally and family owned, The Best Cleaners remains Savannah's dry cleaning and laundry service of choice.  We strive to make a positive impact on our community, and are proud to provide jobs to over 30 residents of Savannah.  


We recognized early on that the negative environmental and safety issues of using the dry cleaning solvent PERC (perchloroethylene) were not in line with our commitment to the community.  Therefore in the mid-90's we completely updated our processing facility to use an environmentally and people friendly carbon-based dry clean solvent.  Most cleaners still use PERC, but we've proudly been green for 20 years and counting.


If you haven't yet, it's time to give The Best Cleaners a try.  Our front counter attendants will learn your name and preferences quickly and always offer you smiling service.  We hope to see you soon!

About The Best Cleaners & Laundry and Reviews