Inbound marketing and real estate marketing

Inbound marketing and real estate marketing

Comparison of Inbound marketing and real estate marketing

Let's see how inbound marketing (INBMK) and real estate marketing (MKINMO) ) are not two disjunct disciplines but much of the first and newer orientation can be used profitably in the Mk that is used in our sector. But first see the following figure:

Inbound marketing and real estate marketing

Inbound marketing versus real estate marketing

In the first line we reproduce the HubSpot image previously presented (1 ), with its four stages attract/convert/close/delight , and in the second row, the three tasks in which we have summarized our work as sellers: Attract prospects/Work with them/maintain the relationship with customers .

An apparent absence: The phase of Conversion

Immediately we see that in Real Estate, after the phase of location of prospects, immediately after, we enter the phase of "sale", either in the acquisition of your property or in the sale of what other prospects want to buy. rar (or rent ...)

When we describe in detail the four canonical phases of the HubSpot Inbound we will see that this phase of CONVERSION is the maturing of the client's desire for a good, from stages in which his concern for the change of property is very limited until their need for acquisition is the only way out of their concern.

In real estate, what is done in this phase of INBMK, maturation, conversion, is not that it does not exist or is produced, but that it is made of another -and less effective way-, because this task is basically carried out by the personal sales interview, of the following basic area. There is a great difference in the time of treatment, of maturation, than in inB. MK, it's much bigger. And it is done later, in the next phase of work with the potential client.

It is at this point where the difference between INBMK and MK inmo., Is more apparent.

Working with strangers

In both orientations you work with strangers, only in the inboud marketing the contact channels are always digital - in real estate they are digital and personal-. They are also much more intense and specialized. And again, here the real estate Mk can learn a lot from the INBMK.

In INBMK, by nature and design, there are no non-digital practices (the so-called outbound Mk.).

However they have a coincidence of nature, because in each of them, in this first phase, attraction marketing is key.

Work with prospects

What we do with the prospects in our business, - buyer and seller, basically - we have detailed it in another place (2). It is about closing the sale with him, either of our services (contract of capture), or of the products captured (sale or lease.) But this is, in our real estate case, a personal sale, while in the inbound MK , the sale is digital. (3)

However, the selling methods and their closure do not coincide, inBound refers to the AIDA Model and real estate refers to the Model of the Consultative Sale (Spin Selling). , among other methods.) (4)

Working with clients

In this fourth area , the INBMK also wins.The model is global, it covers everything necessary, from when the prospect is not known by the company, until it has become a benefactor of our business ... or has fled from it.

  • b) The use of tools that automate the whole process is as necessary as it is exhaustive. A powerful CRM, with multiple aspects, ensures that at any moment the interaction with the potential client is qualified, including from weak to complex measurement scales.
  • c) Quantification The whole process is extreme: All contact interactions are subject to the Control cycle. And rates of transformation of all kinds abound in him. The reporting systems for management are very abundant.
  • d) In the Mk real estate, the use of push techniques is one of its characteristics, in addition to those of attraction, common with the INBMK.
  • d) In Mk real estate, the use of non-digital techniques is very important, something that is not common with the INBMK.
  • e) The main resource of the INBMK is electronic mail and in the real estate is the personal interview. Nothing more opposite, then.
  • f) The role of the Contents is negligible in the real estate Mk and total in the INBMK.
  • g) While the real estate Mk can be handled with effectiveness by a company, the application of the INBMK, needs the help of an agency specialized in these techniques; its complexity and the high degree of control of the process, it demands it.
  • I will not leave you here today without a last warning: the INBMK is something that has updated (revolutionized) the marketing digital, some of your achievements can benefit our results as an intermediation agency. Pay attention then!


    I leave you, stay healthy! And do not forget to return: An interesting description of the aspects of the different types of marketing involved in each stage of the inBound MK system awaits you.

    Miguel Villarroya Martín, June 11, 2016/Madrid. Spain/InB.004/


    (1) See: Inbound Mk. What we do and what we may do next

    (2) See Justification of the intermediary in the Collection and also Justification of the intermediary in the real estate sale

    (3) In the Certificate of professionalism of our real estate sector, the so-called COMT0111 (Royal Decree 614/2013, of August 2, which establishes six certificates of professionalism of the professional family Commerce and marketing that are included in the National Repertoire of certificates of professionalism), the Unit of Competence UC0811_2: Carry out the sale and diffusion of real estate products through different marketing channels. And its corresponding Training Module: MF0811_2: Real estate marketing (130 hours), determine three training units:

    • UF1923: Marketing and real estate promotion (40 hours)
    • UF1924: Sale real estate staff (60 hours)
    • UF0032: (Transversal): Sale «on line». (30 hours)

    InBound marketing is distributed between the first and third, while marketing and Real estate sales, are treated between the first and second.

    (4) On this subject we are currently preparing a new book dedicated to the Real Estate Sales Method.