InBound MK The Travel Agency Guide

InBound MK The Travel Agency Guide

The Agency Travel Guide is the other side of the customer's buying cycle and a mirror image of the sales cycle of a company, of traditional marketing. That is, the way in which the customer makes the purchase trip corresponds to the way the company monitors that trip. Just as a tourist trip does not confuse the tourist's trip with the guide that takes him or her through the entire route, the same happens here: the company is the guide that oversees the whole process of relationship with the client, which controls the movements of the traveler - in the least intrusive way possible - and facilitates the good end pursued: what there is at the end of the trip, the purchase.

Let's take care of it. See in the previous image the relations of the Agency's Journey, with the Customer's Journey and with the aspects of the MK involved in each stage of sale. But in which we have added now, to the right of the figure, a battery of large tasks that the companies -The Travel Guide- must perform with care.

Basic Tasks in the Agency Travel Guide (from the selling company)

Previous stage

The trip starts with the design of the entire route. (Planning, Organization, Execution and Control)

In this part the Web Design is everything . From the choice of the platform (Content Management System (CMS) to the visual aspect of it, everything is designed according to the final purchase: HTML of the page, positioning of the page, contents of attraction, calls to action (CTA ), landing pages, email capture stimuli, autoresponders, software programs such as CRM, metrics of all kinds, etc., everything necessary for an optimal web design, must be projected, measured, weighed and arranged in function of its ultimate purpose: the purchase of the potential client.

And its final result is a web INBMK style.

Magnets of contents

A web INBMK, in its frontier, has many magnets ready, many stimuli for the erratic visitor - the stranger according to the INBMK methodology - to enter our world and visit us, this is the purpose of this stage, to attract it to our system.

Apply for the Permit

Once inside, the Web INBMK is intended for:

a) Make the visit of the stranger is as long as possible, decreasing the instant rebound time of the disinterested visitor.

b) Increase the visiting time of each stranger on our page.

c) Stimulating the new visit.

d) Transforming the stranger-erratic or sporadic visitor-into a regular visitor.

But above all:

e) Getting a part of the regular visitors leave us their email ( e-mail )

Paste and Paste

With Clients-Mailboxes - regular visitors who have left their e-mail and allowed us to send correspondence - a Paste and Paste process is initiated (1) , this is to communicate catchy ideas that bind the reader to our website. This is the main function of this stage. The guide of the Agency, of the company, must emit intoxicating stimuli so that the Client-Mailbox remains at our side. With this, the customer's maturation process is accelerated.

Try and Close the Sale

The culmination of this process of maturation leads to putting the customer - this is the purpose of this stage - in front of a purchase decision.The potential customer will buy then ... or not. But this is what you want to happen here.

The entire formalization process of the purchase is also included here in the case of a positive decision.

Maintain the relationship

In the Travel Guide do not forget the post trip. That is, what should be done with the client who has finally bought, taking into account what we are looking for:

a) The repeated sale.

b) The reception of new clients who come to us recommended by those.

c) the emission of favorable messages of support to our work, product or brand ..

This is a very interesting point even in business areas in which sales are not repetitive as in the Real Estate Sector.

All these tasks of the Travel Guide are monitored (Automation MK) throughout the process, and remitted, to the Control of the Company, its results.

We will see it in next postcards.


I leave you, stay healthy! And do not forget to return:

Miguel Villarroya Martín, June 17, 2016/Madrid. Spain/InB.008/


(1) See: Paste and Paste of the HEATH brothers. In Editorial LID. We strongly recommend reading this revolutionary company text. Quote from the editorial of the book: « The authors reveal the anatomy of the ideas that stick and explain the way to communicate them in another way and make them impact and be remembered forever. Provocative, broad-minded and fun. Paste and paste shows the vital principles of the winning ideas and describes six concrete keys to make our messages catchy. "