Inbound Mk. What we do and what we may do next

Inbound Mk. What we do and what we may do next

What we do in Real Estate

In our daily dealings with the potential clients of our real estate agency, our work as salespeople can be represented in the form shown in the following figure:

Inbound Mk. What we do and what we may do next

What we have been doing so far

a) Through different push and attraction techniques we find different potential clients.

b) We initiate with them the necessary relationships and actions in order to sell our products.

c) We obtain results. Sometimes successfully, when we get the sale, and sometimes of failure, when the potential client does not buy.

d) Eventually, we proceed to a systematic study of the causes of success -or failure, obtained-.

This tells us that we both have an initial job in which we try to locate and contact unknown people or companies, as well as, sometimes, we contact former clients or with non-clients but previously known, with the which the relationship has cooled down.

But that we come doing usually the first thing and that sometimes, also the second, does not take away so that we notice that both tasks can be subject of a strong improvement, in most of the current real estate.

What we could do from now on

Inbound Mk. What we do and what we may do next

What we do and what we might do fter

So if we look for areas of improvement in our work with prospects, we can now:

a) Work intensively on the relationship with unknown clients. Today this can not ignore the inbound marketing, which we have been talking about in this series of postcards.,

b) Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our current performance, by improving the processes of the real estate agency .

AND c) Apply to the use of our database to obtain the ends of this little-used phase of real estate sales.

The path of inbound marketing

In this series of postcards we will talk about the first way: (Basically) the work with strangers: the inbound Mk.

In the first (1) and second (2) postcard of this series we have presented the concept. Now we will leave you with the base diagram of inbound marketing, as its creators expose it (3). It's this:

Inbound Mk. What we do and what we may do next

The HubSpot process of Inbound Marketing

In the figure you can see:

a) The actions basic of the inbound MK: ATTRACT, CONVERT, CLOSE, DELETE.

b) The different states through which a client can pass within this system: Unknown, Visitor, Prospect (Lead), Client and Promoter.

c) A brief list of the basic tools used in each contact phase.

We will discuss all of this in the following postcards of this series.

I leave you, stay healthy! And do not forget to return: We expect an interesting comparison between what we do in Real Estate and what they do in Inbound marketing.

Miguel Villarroya Martín, June 10, 2016/Madrid. Spain/InB.003/


(1) See: Real Estate Inbound Marketing

(2) Definition of Inbound marketing

(3) Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, from HubSpot