Other agencies charge me less

Other agencies charge me less

Other agencies charge me less is a difficult objection to deal with because in it the commercial has to tell why, for the owner, the intervention of his agency is better than the participation of other competitors. That is, you must answer the question: - « And what does/do/do you have that the other agencies do not have, to want me to pay more than the other . »

We are therefore in the very frequent case of competition between several agencies, through the type of contract known as Note of Order .

The objection presented here, is no longer, as we saw in other cases, the cost of intermediation or who or when it is paid, but its amount, amount, amount; that is considered excessive, or at least superior to that of other offers received by the owner.

This is a subcase of the more general problem of how and when to present the high price of a product or service, which in the text dedicated to the Real Estate Sales mentioned elsewhere, we will expose in great detail.

In this first postcard dedicated to dealing with this objection we will raise the real situation in which he finds the commercial that goes to the gathering appointment and finds that other competing agencies have offered the owner beforehand, his intermediation, at a lower price than he can offer. And, in the end, we will point out the solution, which we will develop in the following postcards.

Other agencies charge me less

Objections to the acquisition of real estate: Others charge me less.

1 The Problem: our highest price

When the salesperson raises the cost of the intervention of his agency to the prospect/owner, he can answer something similar to:

  • - « His fees seem very high to me . »
  • You are very expensive . »
  • Other agencies charge me less . »

This situation occurs in the case of competition with other agencies -when working with Order Form - but it can occur, in its first two expressions, also in those of Sole Agency and Exclusive Order .

We will focus here on the third one: - « Other agencies charge less >. », knowing that if we do not surpass it the owner will not give us the contract.

2 The scheme of the situation: Other agencies charge me less

The commercial that listen that has to "treat" the objection, that is, convince the owner that despite its higher cost, his intervention is more interesting to him. This is not the option of withdrawal in a situation in which others, really, charge less, and, despite the difficulty of the case, we must try to overcome it.

But ... how do we respond to this?

Well, with the same skill that will be needed in the face of other types of objections. Skill that supposes knowledge of the best answers of each case, the dosage and correct order in the exposition of the reasoning, its presentation, at the end of the recruitment interview ..., and some luck.

3 First warning: the undifferentiated throws us out of the operation

In the disputed sale -competition based on Custom Notes - a deadly situation may arise for the agency. This occurs when we can not convince the owner that our offer to sell your property is different and better than the competition.

Note the commercial, no one will pay more for one thing that believes like another, which is also offered at a lower price.They will reject us and choose the cheapest one because ... - « why we are going to pay more for the same thing .».

I repeat it: Either we create the difference or there is nothing, there, for us. We will lose the Capture.

Well, but how do we create it?

Well, using the Objector Healer Toolbox , which is just a series of resources, verbal and non-verbal, that help the collector to create the desired difference.

Through the four compartments of that box, we will be able to raise in the client a certain perception of our intervention. And there is the responsibility of the commercial: to maximize that perception.

But if it is enough or not, it will be the receiver, the owner, the one who judges it.

We will deal with it in the next postcard.

Meanwhile, stay healthy!

Miguel Villarroya Martín, April 15, 2016/Madrid. Spain/Obj.032/ventasgrandes.net


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