Real estate personal sale situation

Real estate personal sale situation

1 Real estate sales situation

The techniques used in attraction and push marketing , in the real estate sector, they achieve that a certain number of interested people -in very different states of desire- are located, at the end of this first stage of the real estate sale, in front of the commercial that will attend it.

In this sales meeting between interested and commercial prospect, the basic element of the personal real estate sale is the sales interview. The commercial, through a series of meetings with the prospect, manages to know what the plaintiff wants and can, presents the property or service requested, and after making sure that his exhibition has not left any point without clarifying, he tries to close of the sale.

And if the attempt is positive -the prospect says yes- the commercial goes to the final stage of formalization of the operation. And if this culminates successfully a new phase of the real estate sale is opened, no longer strictly personal that corresponds to the maintenance of the sale.

See the following diagram:

Real estate personal sale situation

Real estate sales situation

2 The first of the stages of personal sales

The above graph shows the three stages of real estate sales:

  1. a) The first, where the real estate agency develops the necessary actions to place a prospect - person interested in the acquisition of a product or service - in front of one of its commercials. For this, it has two powerful tools: attraction marketing - the prospect is coming to us - and push marketing - we are going to the prospect -

This stage will not be developed in this series of articles destined to the VV. PP. -And more specifically to the sales interview- but we warn of your current huge interest, especially attraction marketing, under a different name and some different MK techniques: the inbound MK.

3 The second stage of the sale of real estate

The second stage, which we will deal with here, includes the actions of the personal sale (hereinafter VV. PP.) In this station, the commercial applies the method of high-price and high-risk sales, such as real estate, to the operation that the prospectus proposes. And this, from the first contact of the commercial with the potential acquirer to, or the success with the signing of the operation, or the failure, with the flight or withdrawal of the prospect, from the agency.

In this stage or station the first three phases of the VV method are developed. PP., Namely: (1)

  • The questioning phase
  • The presentation phase of the offer
  • The closing of the sale

And in case the client's commitment is explicit -the closure attempt has culminated with the yes I buy from the prospectus- , the commercial continues with phase four, which we call the formalization of the operation. Its end is the signing of the operation.In this case, the agency begins the maintenance stage of the relationship with the prospect already turned into a client.

Its purpose is to preserve the good state of the existing relationship at the end of the second stage, beyond of that final moment. And its purpose that, throughout the time after its initial purchase, the client keeps us such an impression that:

1 When you return to buy or need a real estate service, come back to us ( repeated purchase).

2 Speak well of us (good propaganda).

3 Recommend us as an agency (refer to others).

A fourth option It is however very frequent. And the lack of maintenance by the agency makes the client, satisfied the day of his signature, go little by little forgetting ... and at some point disappears from our horizon.

This stage will not be discussed here.

5 The trip of the client

Although this issue will be developed in another series of Articles should establish the time path of a buyer over time. See the following figure.

Real estate personal sale situation

Scope of sale personal

Under the name of « the client's trip» , it encompasses the series of states that the client goes through in his relationship with the agency that about. We used to refer to this as " the life cycle of the client ", but with the emergence of the inbound MK , the first name is prevailing. (2)

With one or another name we refer to the different stages that the client spends in his relationship with us.

  • The first of his states is « unknown ». In this, the « client » is not at all, we do not know it and it is possible that he does not know us either. So ... why do we mention it? Because your set is the source of future customers. And because it is the goal of our marketing efforts.
  • The second one is " prospectus ". In this stage the « client » is still not, but we already know it. And we can over him exercise our sales techniques. Usually, in this state, we designate it as prospect or potential client.
  • If the operation is closed and formalized successfully, now, the purchaser is properly a client.
  • Finally, the satisfied customer on the day of the signing of the transaction can, over time, go through a series of states ranging from the initial satisfied customer to the "de facto" disappearance of the same, from the scope of the agency. In the status of "promoter" the client will act in accordance with the three objectives designated in the previous section. In the "friendly" state, it will act in one of the three indicated areas, which it will not execute when it is "indifferent" to end up as "disappeared".

6 Personal Sales Interviews

If anything characterizes personal selling, it is the exhaustive use of sales interviews to accompany the customer along your trip with us Of them -of their endings or closures more specifically- we will take care of this series of articles.

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(1) We, in this section, will follow Rackham and its method Spin Selling.

(2) And almost always using a very old resource, now rejuvenated: the sales funnel.