The Magic Closing of the Sale

The Magic Close of the real estate sale

The Magic Close of the sale

About the Magic Close of the sale has been written a lot in the past. And the ideology that underlies it has gone through abundantly books about sales. And it lasts until today. But their rational sustenance has declined strongly as pressure sales or corraling have been fading. But the appreciation of the value of closing techniques remains almost without erosion.

Fundamentally that is due to two things. The first is that the closing techniques do work - they achieve many sales - in the transactions of low relative price and low risk. Then the persistence in the magic power of the closure lasts, because in many situations of sale, it works.

The second reason is, because the consultative sale, the rational, the SPIN SELLING, the one that we apply to Sales Great, etc., has not permeated the world of sale enough.

And maybe there is a third one. Well, while closing techniques can be dangerous in Big Sales, their domain provides sellers with a good dose of verbal ability and ability to repent, which never surpasses the seller.

But be that as it may , good to know a little about the magic closing of the sale.

The magic lock

For years it has been written about the Closing Techniques, as before it was written about magic. For the writers who followed this theory of closure, the content of this phase was assimilated to a ceremonial behavior in which the officiant -the seller- pronounced some words or phrases, which had the virtue -the power, the magic, the charm- to produce a favorable effect for the one who pronounced them like that.

The achievement - the enchantment, the wish fulfilled - was the client's conviction, which, when listening to the closing formulas, varied then of behavior - in our favor- and accepted to buy what we offered.

Hence the importance attributed to the form, content and expression of the closing formula in this type of classical orientation. (1)

The Magic Closing of the Sale

The profusion of formulas was also justified - or enchantments- for the closure, that those authors provided. His guiding lighthouse was the initiation teacher, the author of the sales book. And as the roads to the magic of the sale are always twisted, to travel them you needed both the help of a good teacher and the acquisition of sales secrets, the more, the better.

There are references to texts of this class that promises to the reader something like: " 365 magic formulas to close a sale " (2), in which the different and multiple verbal formulas necessary to close a sale are related. Multiple, in case any enchantment fails, others can be applied. Or if you do not like one, you can always try others. Sometimes I thought that its resemblance to cookbooks is not irrelevant either, because they are very similar.

Likewise, the "power" that the formulas contained justified the "secret" content that the initiated teachers for sale they transmitted to their disciples or apprentices. Only by acquiring his knowledge -his books or courses- would he acquire the capacity to act necessary for success without limits in the sale.

The reward for the desire to succeed in the sale was what awaited the seller. that applied the closing formulas.Techniques-verbal formulas, expressions, type dialogs-that must be applied according to the situation in which they find themselves. The idea is that, for each aspect -signal of purchase- that the potential client manifests, the commercial will apply one or several types of closing techniques. Its pretension is that, after this application -manifestation-, repeated if necessary, the seller will accept our sales argument and accept the offer.,

The magic close in the current real estate

As we will show later, in other postcards, the learning of closing techniques in Big Sales - if it opposes the Closing as the final process of contact with the potential customer-, it's a mistake. And their learning can only be justified by the acquisition of the verbal skills indicated above.


So, what we have left in real estate, is the learning of the method of Personal Sale that does present the Closing as part and end of a process of careful relationship with the potential client. And that includes learning what we have elsewhere called The Rackham Closure. A strong and vigorous closure that we can dispose of, because powerful is the rational thought that underlies it.

But we will deal with this in due course.

Follow with health!

Miguel Villarroya Martín, September 8, 2016/Madrid. Spain/Vpi.024/


(1) In fact many books about the closure have a suspicious resemblance to the books of enchantments They are full of closing formulas, whose authors - believers in the magic of the sale - promise success in it when they apply to the auction sale, the formulas they present.

(2) title is not real, it is invented, but you are sure to find something similar.

(3) This text is a partial excerpt of the contents of my book: The Closing of the Real Estate Sale > strong>. Editorial Finis Terrae. Galicia 2016. Book in print process. The image used in this postcard is one of your images.

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